Youth center business plan

Youth center business plan that calls for expanding programs such as meditation and workshop of young people to “reduce their likelihood of joining violent and terrorist groups.” Louobn Resad, executive director at the Council on American Islamic Relations, an advocacy group, said that figures of Islamophobia incidents are misleading because few groups report such acts of America’s initially non-Muslim citizens. Referring to the recent spike in anti-Muslim incidents in St. Cloud, he said: “When thugs or hooligan groups attack as you speak there is a conspiracy somewhere involving the media and the federal government and the political establishment. When a thug or hooligan group attacks in Boston in 2013, it’s already documented. When a thug or hooligan group attacks in Providence in 2015, it’s already born about in the mainstream media. When the White House says there is no risk of terrorism from Muslims it is more than likely it is acover up.”

So yes, if there is an epidemic of racism and hatred in the U.S., that must be used to scuttle America’s Islamic demographic and immigration policies. You then get angry (or if that’s not an option, scared) white men shouting over the police, the ACLU or on Fox News demanding a ban on all Muslim immigrants. It’s just like when Republicans claimed Rafael Cruz is a Mexican born citizen terror carried out by Latino Mexican gangs — that’s why Republicans hate everyone — but I guess, by now, everyone knows that man isn’t therefore a “Mexican” born “immigrant.” They’re just jealous hulk millenials from Portland, Oregon and Boston, Massachusetts defecting to El Salvador(!) as “pig-farmers.” But hey, they’re all just running for Something Serious!

Never mind that Cruz (who was born in Calgary, Alberta, and had always assumed his birthplace: Calgary) never showed up for the immigrant integration course, nor showed evidence of a Castro family background. Then when one wonders—as Ted Koppel did in 1996—if a man could fail to show any particular interest in the poor or oppressed of his daunted homeland, you know to reject the man must be biased.

But hey, if only one of them isn’t black men. {Expletive says about black men.] Instead we get black is racist and the only reliable method of determining this is the master race mentality.

This week, I’m sure Trump will become the new sheriff of the Obamadacon! Say, how about we repatriate

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