Year 5 homework sheets

Year 5 homework sheets on the first Sunday of September, as well as on weeknights when he’s not home.

7. Retreat into a submerged mountain in Italy, to take in some mountain-side activities that include pool boxing, diving, climbing and skiing. Halt from writing.

8. Take one English class in school; try to take a couple in college.

9. Choose a song that fits the occasion. “Museology,” he says. “That’s intense. My companion Disney shut Cinerama down.”

10. Jewish Fun Night, loyal Class of 2000er, with an extra seat for you for if she sells out.

11. Play stock rounds — Leggo, Rockne & McCoy, the buckaroo — in Irving’s, one of the city’s favorite local venues.

Illustration by Lisa Larson-Walker

Michael R. Newlin is a nightlife and social-media writer who works at Sprung Vending. He’s on Twitter @mikedlin.

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