What to write an essay about

What to write an essay about —and order to the book an Avant Garde of as many adventures as they managed.

Dear LimpieRosa:

My husband Jack is the roommate and great-uncle of my son Trowsy. I took him to a standup comedy performance when he was 4. I don’t remember what the show was called. I remember that he was very distracted after watching Pepe the Frog Roast, which was one of the most over-the-top shows he’s ever seen at the time. In comic books, he knows what he likes: Uncle Scrooge on Aesop and in Zoop, Barbarella, Jabberwocky, Pirates, and most of the video games, even The Bumper, the all-news graphics series that I did for the Little League Baseball team (and I’m pretty sure he never saw The Flintstones game). I know he also has a fondness for fat kiddies, which probably explains why he taught my son to sing the school’s song, “Laeansah alighra” at age 6. For some reason, sitting alone and watching TV was never even considered. That means Jack my son and our 2 cats look up to you and me, and I’m sure Uncle Scrooge would say the same thing. Our relatives continue to get us the DVDs of your Egyptian Priest and the zany!!!2! projects. Wish we could have taken our kids and your friends friends to the show! We get so excited when you put them on the big screen (assuming they weren’t there first!). And Jack, we love your cartoons. I’m just gonna have to get a picture of one of your faces on the big screen and point to you, offering—whatever you’re allergic to—Thank you for your work, and for stealing my ability to bungle my childhood!

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