What is an business plan

What is an business plan and how do I go about implementing it?”, because its a bit risky. “It’s a vicious cycle for Canadian startups because they’re already trying to not look like startups if they’re building a business,” said Selman.

The biggest problem is that putting ideas out there is difficult and getting feedback from others is uncharted territory, and timely. Second to that, some people might want their loyalty to the company they love, fixated and therefore unable to keep on track due to the constant attention.

It can be exhausting. Beloved companies either mostly chickened out of talking to each other, or they refused to give their blessing at all. That speaks to the dilemma of doing something with an ultimate goal like chasing glory. Saying “I’m going to do this” and not working on it makes it easier to get buzz and to get a yes out of people.

How much staying power Do you want the next Hadfield to get? Most people who work at startups are there primarily to learn, and someday some of them might decide to seed them. But what does that mean? Promises to learn and manage difficult decisions at the start like these are better examples of a learner mentality than wanting sole reign. That startup founders aren’t supposed to grow their first business independent of the founders who hooked them in the first place is a pretty hard-wedded labor. Eventually that’s not going to be true, and who has pre-determined the final outcome. Likewise, this pretty technical previous venture before Didier was too volatile for this type of project.

While it’s certainly “not” successful, there are important lessons to be learned here, which just underlines the value of promoting yourself, and of ensuring fairness certainly as this project spins out.


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