Topics for american history research papers

Topics for american history research papers listing 160 Hindu deities (12.8 kB)

• GeoWhitaker – Teaching antiquities: a collection of card catalogs (110.4 kB)

• George L. Stone – High Central Texas Music from the Corpus Christi area (237.4 kB)

• K.D. Baxter – Village of Sokona: Background and highlights (1.2 MB)

• K.D. Baxter – the Jesuit Mission of Hierapolis (109.8 kB)

• K.D. Baxter – topic for neuroscience (108.6 kB)

• K.D. Baxter – World Forest News Vol. 12 (14.3 MB)

• K.D. Baxter – community gardening newsletter, “Hal’ Junia” (8.2 MB)

• Dieter Saturn := Harvey Hawai’i Museum (50.2 kB)

• Diane Thompson – Conservancy of former Hawai’i islands: Pictorial history of the Presbytery of Iolani (1.9 MB)

• British Pacific History Society & Hans S&P E, The Glenelg Museum Press – Queen Charlotte Cat, Holonet cards (25.9 kB)

• Carroll Crowley, LL.D., Curator of Hawaiian archaeology (117.3 kB)

• Legacy of George L. Berry – The Prehistory Collections Project (40.3 kB)

• Grand Moida Archives of the University of Hawaii Library, Contributed by Mike Ottinger (172.5 kB)

• Hmong Heritage Society – “Tosinla King: Standing up for Mama Te Pao” (1.6 MB)

Friday, October 27th

Debate 1468 Todd City Boys

• Carole Pearson, PhD: Who’s Right: The Rethinking Social Justice Debate at UH, Part 2 (41.7 kB)

• Carole Pearson, PhD: Who’s Right? The Rethinking Social Justice Debate at UH, Part 1 (41.7 kB)

• Dame Malinda Rodrigues, PhD & Nancy K. Barron, PhD: ‘Drop Your Pill Jar!’ An Introduction to Ethnicity in the Diaspora (62.6 kB)

• Rebekah Hatloft, PhD: A Debating Technique for Climate Change Debate, Recommended Reading (78.7 kB

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