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Strategic planning and business development .

“To fight this ideologue, we must embrace collective consciousness and the power we have gathered and built over the last 4years,” said Sajjan in a statement.

“I join [Prime Minister Justin] Trudeau, the member of Parliament who represents this diverse, multicultural country,” he added, referring to Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan. “We better be careful not to let him and his army irritate our progressive, fervent values.

“Canada will not allow radical Islamic extremists to hijack Parliament Hill or God Save the Queen.”

“I cannot stand by and then focus on myself and miss these extraordinary (sic) memories and their affect on my family. I don’t want to have to take the risk that I’ll be supporting Mr. Sajjan, who is now a spokesperson for not just one mosque in Ottawa but for not just violent Islam but all of our fundamental values & values (sic),” Netanyahu tweeted.


NDP MP Françoise Boivin told the CBC Thursday that she never understood the campaign of hatred against Netanyahu, a grandson of Holocaust survivors.

“I would no more support the unjust massacre of 300 Yazidis than I support the one that took my grandfather, Einat Shilo, from her home because many years ago someone threw pebbles in her living room.”

French secular conservatives have campaigned for years against allowing Jews to live in Israel. Lawyers are also taking up the matter, Patrick Lagacé, a Montreal lawyer, wrote in a column published Wednesday in the newspaper Le Journal de Montreal.

But the whole affair has sparked an unprecedented outpouring of anger on the left over what was dubbed “anti-Semitic smears” by the French-language outlet Libération.

At least 48 people, most of them playing the ‘Crats for Israel’ game, were arrested in Ottawa on Thursday and have been held since Friday afternoon.

Opinion is divided over whether the arrests have solidified some of the initial broader crisis circumstances.

In an interview this week with Canada AM with Liberal MP Rosárik Perot, Pierre Trudeau forcefully rejected the idea that racism was behind this campaign.

“After decades of out-and-out apartheid and anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism is something that no contest is on the table now,” he said.

“I think over the generations [in Canada] there were … a lot of things that happened (

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