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Research proposal template doc 1008226 and all the offers reflect their revised BRIB bids.

Before submitting proposals with the selection criteria ideal standard issues, contact the Field Office specifically to discuss your proposed search terms. The selection criteria field in the BRIB covers elements related to your BRIB proposal. Please refer to the BRIB’s Selection Criteria for specific details about the candidates’ qualifications.

If you are the lead program

The head of the USMSE graduate program shall be responsible for preparing a formal proposal that includes the selection criteria recommendations, indicates the expected duration of a PhD (typically at least 3 years), and specifies which faculty of the USMSE will evaluate it and how they expect to select the best candidates.

Please note that a proposal does not necessarily imply a selection by the program’s faculty because different faculty may select different candidates from the same topic. In order to plan an efficient research roadmap for your students, and to reduce publishing costs, you would focus on writing a rigorous proposal of appropriate sophistication so that you have ample time to review a small number of candidates.

The selection criteria also indicate the types of candidate sets that can be eligible for allocation to participants. Many adjunct faculty in the USMSE recruit all twenty of their graduate students for full time “teaching-assistant” positions in the USMSE. Among others, geography, mortality and initial work experience are the key factors that may make or break a candidate.

Be prepared to revise the selection criteria after your faculty have approved an initial shortlist.

If you are the lead program

If you are the Program Director and oversee your program’s selection criteria submissions, please be sure, before you submit your proposal, to include the selection criteria. Initial selection of candidates follows a multi-step flowchart process that depends on just a few choices made by the Program Director, the Principal Investigator, the USMSE Policy Officer, Academics from the USMSE committee and other significant stakeholders (e.g. your student peer review service provider).

The first step is to submit selections by completing a proposal. Please note that many faculty cannot be interviewed or consult with as many potential candidates. The selection eligibility parameters identify those faculty members with qualifications and interest in being involved in an early campus-wide search. The USMSE expects candidates to come from or be supported by academic positions located in high-need regions.

If you are the principal investigator

The Principal Investigator shall prepare a nomination letter,

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