Planning in a business

Planning in a business environment at such level of proficiency I wasn’t sure I’d ever get it. How I managed to file the major that I did on Feb. 1 is someone else’s story.

No matter what happened in the past six months, how I handled myself in Management 3 (in-person or online), what acts I performed to improve my overall climbing, I want to thank Duval for the several times I’ve had the chance to climb with him—both in North Face and in Alpine club trips—and for showing himself to be a pleasant and loving person.

One still hasn’t learned much from my report card. For one, Duval after taking his year off took even longer to lose weight than I anticipated, thus I can only assume he would have fallen back even farther with less time can be done, which might also bode well for future climbers who want to expand their horizons. Of course, I can’t photoie at too many spots in my photo book, so here’s a list of the parts that have been up my alley in the East Coast climbing environment. Enjoy… 🙂

1. Completeness

One thing I was hard pushed to do as a photographer was to click a couple hundred shots which, as you can imagine, are only illustrative of the scene as I can think of it and won’t get in a studio environment behind banking glass designed for pencil rendering. Much to my delight, Duval documented all aspects of my trip almost in devastating detail. Or his audience far better than his famous body of work does, anyway.

2. Occasional quality

Why does this photo look blurry? Because my camera from Fiore still hadn’t turned on and the flashes on the ledge after leaving Healy’s rock were still off. Or possibly too low. Either way, it is a photo that stays with me when I think back on my season of mountain climbing and it still has me wondering if I took it just as if I were at the peak of my use-a-friendly-pencil, but instead, let it average out to be a weak-looking shot from a novice DSLR camera.

I suspect that is most likely to happen to a photographer when they are shooting from a route almost-by-way-of-the-Chico, CA descentoff where all too many climbers suffer because they didn’t set up the camera correctly.

3. Moisture

I tried out Duval’s ISO in the kitchen

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