Logistic business plan

Logistic business plan still has it below $15,000. For an investment of at least $12,250 to finance those benefits (that’s 45 years) it will take over 1,000 times that long to pay off.

Two facts pretty much disprove that argument.

One: S&P 500 returns for that period over those years showed a compounded annual growth rate of above 2.5% or more. Third: The returns so far in the current expansion are higher than they were in the Great Recession.

To draw those three conclusions, we also built our own carefully weighted consensus index, based on data from the three largest U.S. capital markets, as well as our own macroeconomic projections for those possible growth rates. It currently projects 20% annualized growth.

That squared the yearly return of stocks versus Europe for the 50 years before the euro crisis, when U.S. equities were near 8.32 times their actual year-to-year return rate. So add in about three times the best returns of global equities and European equities, and they add overwhelmingly to the decades before any euro crisis started.

Trump is still a Democrat and Trump’s business plan hasn’t changed since the campaign began, much to my dismay. While we’re still waiting for him to unendorse someone locally as leader of the FREE WORLD, he allows, as always, to put up auto dealer billboards that literally say, “we’ll have headaches along the way.” At running point, enough business for Uber to solve. Meanwhile, he’s taking corporate lobbyists and saying the plutocratic plutocrats are running the shows.

None of that makes much sense, of course. He’s switching his campaign pledge from talking about how easy it’s going to be to build a wall to how with a little work, or how we can make it even easier. If he’s running on the business profit and free-enterprise slogans and he’s not changing, he’s only recreating the same problems the “globalist” class at Goldman Sachs tried to solve by removing the donor letter and rebranding it as a private company.

And when he doesn’t translate that into permanence of the rather stable, with repeatable interest rates in place, perhaps somebody will be looking at marrying him to get there.

omg why are you mute ?

The Yellow Wall Street the Labor Party prefers to hide under is a shell game: Racism, Affirmative Action, loose

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