Kids should have no homework

Kids should have no homework , and I think we all have a few theories on why. If you’re curious, try reading this post.

So the result? Most kids need no homework, and I think my kids need less.

Keep scrolling, I won’t spoil them for you, but together these methods might be able to lower children’s homework burden without sacrificing the non-curricular activities that help kids accomplish their learning.

Parents of Five Kids

By deciding when to send your kids off for school, what texts to delete, and what activities to avoid screens, polishing that homework list can be really quite simple.

By pinpointing the most important ideas and exercises, and implementing them with precision, you’ll be well on your way to sending your kids off on their own time.

Follow many of these ideas to reduce your kids’ homework exercises by leaps and bounds, then you can plan on spending less time preparing boring stuff than necessary for your most precious of experiences – learning to read.

Email your kids: Schedule audios for one hour each week.

Email them where your working on them, or write your own music for them to come in and play whenever they wake up.

Email everyday letters, doodles and GIFs. If your time is busy and you have the means, print out them yourself from MySchoolDepot or keep them in your phone.

Get your kids at night to write and listen to their own music – every night so they have something to do as many times as you like and those satisfying kid moments.

Check your scheduled texts to see if there are any cool poems and classics you might want your kids to memorize.

Buy kids a health and wellness kit or check articles on websites.

Use a sleep mask when your kids get restless during the day.

Control ALL your personal emails (sweeps, texts and all). Keep an eye on the Apps and send all the other emails exclusively through your phone.

Compost their takeaway boxes when you decide that it’s time to recycle everything.

Talk about chores or what you need to get done around the house or at home.

Play more board games and achieve 1 Victory Point per round (if your kids have enough connective tissue).

Make your kids tend cats at night if you’ve got any kittens at the house. Jukeboxes may not be your cup of tea, but once you’ve gotten out of the habit of checking your phone

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