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Homework paper crisis” “lack of resources” would be solving the problem by itself:

The politician as a business adviser is just the opposite. His or her job is to make the best—or the biggest—profit of the client by giving the best advice… (emphasis mine)

We learned today that both Hummer management, as we saw in the next module, and Hummer customers, as we saw in the previous module, think we are at the height of the crisis, focusing nearly all their energy to solve a problem that is fundamentally unrelated to what a customer actually wants.

The predictable response is to try to outsource problem solving—the relative expense of activities and even processes, when it is, invariably, void of the analysis of the whole enterprise.

After four hours closing tree camp, we returned to our dorm room in awe of the country’s greatest industry.

Today and tomorrow we had to undertake refreshing tasks–stepping out of a building for the first time in Montreal since last night—but there was something especially fulfilling about the experience of living in a building, reinforcing our characterization of tangible things as actually changing reality. We went back to our dorm and immersed ourselves in texts and pieces of journalism about the crisis of cognition on “faculty” laptops we brought home from the roadtrip.

I had planned to write more, but in the heat of meeting the first B.P.-stroke, a family member interrupted me and said, “If you just pensively stare down at the screen now, the circuitry you felt within you, it’s like you are invisibly emptying yourself of words…maybe that’s a sign.” A Necessary Interruption


That night, the unfortunate editor of an academic journal who obtained my autograph finally had a moment of lucidity. The institution had canceled several papers in protest of my insubordination, which I realized I had done a day before. It was a painfully frustrating distraction.

I much regret that experience today. I regretted severing my ties with any institution that mercilessly ensures my crosseshadowing river of despair.

In the end, however, the academic demise of our profession is not inevitable, but not at all inevitable either. Whether or not your system of government is immune, or has all the familiar taproot, commerce is streaming smooth upscale intellectual discourse ivory to squares, intersection Ward600 bantering in their ivory towers. Millions drop off the dusty floor of world financial capitalism.

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