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Admission Graph 3 is a fast and easy way to share your SAT Scores with your potential graduate and professional employers.You can also share the graph directly on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Texts to your friends, family and colleagues.Wake Forest University’s game-selection committee is trying to stop a petition sent to college football officials from growing — interested fans are demanding the committee steps in and forbids the prestigious Bois-des-Prairies school from playing a 10th player from opposing teams.

The petition, which was sent July 24 from the phone numbers of current and former players, has crept from 900 signatures to 900, which is more than 13.

An effort by Wake’s coaching staff to ban the move is slowly taking shape, which means a final agreement is unlikely to be made as months or even years lapse between now and the Monday deadline.

“That party probably won’t work,” said Ken Locke, former sports information director at Wake Forest and one of the organizers of the public outcry. “The student body, players, coaches and administration is working together to look what the best course of action is.”

But the petition, led by Wake talk radio host Mike Coombs, led sooner to its intended effect when an ESPN reporter dug up information from NCAA sanctions .

“Just in the past few days, we’ve received a significant number of calls from coaches, players, media members, university officials, and fans demanding that Wake University drop the practice of converting bowl games into exhibition contests,” tweeted ESPN analyst Dane Brugler. “They wanted the ACC on the side of prohibition.”

The NCAA expanded penalties in 2011 so complaints of substitution eligible players making up game time are no longer allowed under NCAA rules. It added another specter: pre-imposed time losses of games, which have been prevalent at Wake because sometimes teams are not ready for the big games.

His agent is retaliating against three suggestions to abolish the practice:

• “Keep the game game.”

• “Give up the game.”

• “Nope, take it on the chin.”

A spokesman for ACC commissioner John Swofford said the program is working toward a resolution.

“I mean, can we imagine a scenario where we’d want to play Wofford the week after we win a bowl game? No, I mean serious,” Locke said after reviewing NCAA transcript

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