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Generic college essay , the question is whether or not it is considered plagiarism. According to the legislation, “plagiarism, as a matter of literary criticism, speech, writing or art, consists of borrowing an idea … from another nonpublicly accessible source, without aligning the borrowed source with the author’s or the author’s readers’ work.” When it comes to public critic Lee Simon’s pieces, the answer is ‘no.'”

For the moment, any cynicism over Sanders aiding in the new law’s ruinous implications (okay, some, but most independents will agree with the latter) will likely be overcome by the coming electoral consequences for the assassin’s pick. Among other troubles, the online backlash could make debating Sanders’s eligibility in the general election a necessary postscript to the nomination battles. You could imagine Sanders’s office issuing statements like this:

Sullivan wrote of the bill, “Given that there is no journal of the academy and no well-established body established by several institutions, it’s practically impossible for an academic to defend her case.” And accurate as that may be, the bill itself illustrates how messy the rules surrounding academic accreditation can be. If you led an academic discipline, whether it’s math or some other academic subject, professional academics be damned—even if it’s your dime a dozen research projects do stink!

So now Bernie may just have to help in the effort to create a national template for academic improvement. If I were him, I’d work on applying some of the ideas that have been so effective in saving journalism from welfare enforcement. We need tough, fair editorial guidelines and a legal system that favors external accountability and rightful ownership. I’d also keep in mind something points out Guy Raz has been right about before: the bipartisan coalition has demands on Capitol Hill to respect the traditions of academic freedom. The more energy we need to bring that message to Democrat leadership, the better — so far, that is.England manager Gareth Southgate has struck a non-committal tone about the changing of the guard at Arsenal at the start of next season.

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