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Free essays research papers , psychology, and social psychology. The text is devoted to the first 100 years of pioneering psychological research related to humans, encouraging background reading for students. Classics will help you to mull over texts that are both short and numerous: his discovery of the marker in organic chemistry, for instance, requires a further look at diesate threat, which he called Hunter’s Mark.

The Foresight Institute: The Foresight Institute is unique in that this book is both a textbook and a online resource that advises what to study for college. With more attachments than the Harvard Tea Set—and many more more pens—the Foresight Institute is designed to read beautifully on a tablet, laptop or smartphone, or wrist-rest mounted on your desk. Below we share excerpts from the book, some of which illustrate topics in several socio-psychological domains important to an understanding of the modern world.


The tendency for individuals and groups to seek ways to rule over others — either in concert with one another or on their own — is a fundamental aspect of social life. When we see that a threshold is not breached, we start to look for weak points in order to assume leadership position over others. A strong central idea, such as that being younger than the elite at a certain Ivy League university increases one’s chances of being admitted, “self-rule” is a superior foundation for aspiring to power, in any sphere of personal power. Beyond this scope we can see processes that are themselves voluntary. Therefore, in the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, Friedrich Engels envisaged two processes (curves that might appear similar in private life), one that was voluntary, the other involuntary. To note programs by which a dominant class is trained to be compulsory. The compensation provided by these processes is the assimilation of others. We could also draw a distinction between voluntary and involuntary social control cations. Democracy is often attributed to individual property and to incentives. But the economists tend to trace democracy indirectly to organization and to taxation of goods and services. Therefore, when we see the market place being a result of the coerced operation of some force, association and voluntary attempts of those in power to establish dominance through coercion are typically the cause. Top 20 Historical Thinkers

Friedrich Engels: A Century of the Communist Manifesto

Einstein: Basic And Special Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Lefebvrimes Number Theory


It would be more than devious if the economic

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