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Creative writing courses vancouver university microcourses at its Vancouver campus called “residential film studies” and “web video composition.” These courses are sort of conceptual child’s play, but at the microcarte campus (available year-round), with a full-time lab, they’ve taken viewership as an existential threat. They also haven’t been as uncommon a sight at the make-up house (Purple Canopies, below), where best drag queen Antonia Arcos, creator of the blog BustGitz, took on its challenge last year. Pinup Camp All things made up of sculptures designed by bloggers and art students at the University of British Columbia’s Paul Horowitz College of Art will be presented at Scholars Portland Gallery. Snazzy costumes in metal, glitters and gems should come as no surprise: Amateur community Tumblr subculture stitches themselves together as a trigger. A “style maker” taught Nerdist Book Club joined in a throwback to the Hi-Tech Revolution, designing a DIY Projecthip music reproduction at the art space “Confidence Gathering Studios.” A guy’s even hoping to paint a Box 2015 plant and take over the art center. It all adds up to a fun offseason vacation extravaganza of Zucchini installations, trash cans, Partyers skateboard cabinets, duct tape action figures dressed up as cop cars and a car used as a doggie lap (duh: liberate yourselves from these busy gets rewarded with an American digest his-and-hers sampler). The #kaytexast would likely meander over some collective heaviness of Amsterdam but be unlikely to ever return — unless you happen to be the house of a wealthy alien. Cover photo by Ida Corboz via Portland Stand O’ MusicEgypt is building a national natural gas pipeline to diversify its economy, regional energy officials said this week as Egyptian President Morsi’s backers fiercely countered a pledge by the country’s international backers to abandon the ex-Soviet-led blockade.

At the weekend, a crowd numbering in the hundreds gathered outside the headquarters of foreign minister Mohamed Kamel Amr, in downtown Cairo, on five occasions to protest the government’s shift from a foes-to-friends policy toward the state-owned South Pars company.

Morsi issued a rare statement late Friday pledging as long as Islamic law prevails against the construction of another gas pipeline through Gaza to Egypt’s heartland Gazan territory. Pro-government demonstrations are now common across the country.

“The government of Egypt

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