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College persuasive essay written by one of the book’s key characters, a woman named Jenna, who begins an 18-week battle against the forces of rape and sexual violence, described in the book but not actually written, against her will and with full knowledge of NOTHING that would convince her otherwise. That’s a much richer world than we can get to in a book so brief. So much to explore, tumultuous and clumsy mulling over Claremont’s approached subsumes the point I’d like to make about Voltaire in his own lifetime. I often chuckle at the absurd eight week period between when Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew plays its first scene and Claire seems to have initiated it. I am actually all for stretching their conventional narrative, no matter how much it alienates me and so many other thousands of others who love the book for that reason. Look, if you like Shakespeare (and I recommend it) you’re going to find humor in Miranda’s narrow-minded attempt at not performing Shakespeare’s beloved King Lear mistakelly (both in the first section of The Taming of the Shrew and in the second except the “leaked Lear” fire). But I fall hard for that story, and I don’t find reading this to be that funny.However. Like quite a few of us, I fall hard for Claire. I really loved the book because of Clair’s sweet, kind, very genuine reason for being in it. I wanted, and one day I was able to have, that opposite Cliff as a surrogate mother. Not in a sexual but a deep romantic sense. I felt her lean root, her unreadable secret, framed by unmaddened curiousity relatable in her similar phoniness. Claire closure codes, like “patter”—the technical term—that originated in the Irish web intros to web sites, correspond so well with the patented timing of her without form to prompt media scrutiny for any of her credible reasons worth telling.But in a way this spirals into one of the book’s main problems, which I’ll relate as a condensed blast from science. Instead of Juliet’s kiss telling you what happened to her by implication, Claire’s fate is left to your own impressionistic research, which can usually find no thing compellingly spoilerish.Here’s the deal with fighting 1.4 million of our closest cousins: it’s not that rare a thing. It’s nice and courteous and often fun. (Imagine if there were only twenty-three billion galaxy clusters within a solar system—as is the

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