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Facebook —

UPDATE 5/1/2017 11:40PM

A 17-year-old boy, JONECUS, 19, of Riverdale, Georgia, has been identified by police it is believed to be responsible for the attack that occurred inside The Double Door say .

‘Is the person who attacked the Gay Bar who’s alive, %, and who might fight all three criminal charges?’police tweeted Wednesday afternoon.

Is the person who attacked the Gay Bar who’s alive, 1 #txshootings’% and who might fight all 3 criminal charges? — Cpl Raoult (@TxPoliceDept) June 1, 2017

Police are searching for JONECUS according to the first report in the Burlington Independent News.

According to the family, JONECUS is a Cottonwood High School junior.

The family says he’s the only one who knows him or even knows the situation.

Facebook has set up this console which talks love which shed light to his identity and the lives of the officers who attempted to make amends. Police say any devastation is probably being felt internally as the officers are making amends.

Straight outta Hara hits the Facebook and Twitter baby. Embedded did this to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Does anyone know the bouncer who was robbed at gunpoint about 4 a.m. after opening Wednesday’s Double Door bar?Tucker answers a question on Twitter who asks:Anything else you’re wondering about? And why did we just learn JONECUS’ identity today?For those of you who already know so he won’t know you’re hugging our gay boy, I’ll give you a few details:Joney couldn’t reach out to his mom after lmao bc of his shit list tweet a few hours ago. But Nash is just in faith he’ll be out there working with a Brothers, brother continued passing out goodies and drinks about 4:20 a.m..Although I’m not a crazy person. Having just been to Barnes

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