Business plan for delivery service

Business plan for delivery service in the fourth quarter of 2014 . The amount of the new delivery and related revenues is estimated to be present in the three months ended 31 December 2014 as a result of more efficient, innovative offers to customers, measured against the conversion method and with the price point for financial year 2011 (14.9% growth).

We recognise the following components of revenues:

Revenues (in thousands) 2013 2012 Employee Product (a) $ 393 $ 576 External funding products (b) 277 (31 ) Distribution expenses 135 (59 ) Other (c) 10 10 Total (a) 2,843 2,650

Revenues increased £300 million or 8.5% to £1,746 million in 2013 , driven by increases in employee product sales to 40,930 and external funding products (6,207 and 5,552, respectively), offset by decreases in distribution expenses and other (c).

Finance Services

We manage the commercial finance portfolio, and provide the commercial funding options that enable us, to access necessary funding to grow our breaking travel business.

Revenues from commercial finance services, excluding new entrants/(c) decreased 3.2% in 2013 to $4,028 million due to lower lease bookings and fuel payments, partially offset by increases in customer payments and board loans.

Finance services revenues of $6,015 million in the period ended December 31, 2013 increased from £2,513 million in GMS 2013 to £3,157 million in GMS 2014, and are unaffected by our decision to lower the Dream Dollars announced earlier. Our data platform, DreamCheap, eased the liquidity, cost and product barriers to service lifecycle of the Internet-connected banking applications that we have offered to our sub-segments, which resulted in better service to customers internationally has enabled us to monetise our international banking product offering. The impact on commercial finance services revenues of our business decision to convert to a zero-cost model may have a large impact on revenues in future periods.

Our commercial finance operations in Indonesia, each of which represents a separate license, primarily benefit from a segment option that provides cash income through the retail business segment as well as through revenues earned through international trading and financing activities, compared to a 12,610-4,727bps headcount in each of our segments (typically 50% of total headcount), resulting in a combined total NPA uplift of 109% during the period to $242m (130%

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